This exercise can be especially good before going to sleep. It will calm down your nervous system. Reserve at least 15 minutes for this exercise. (You can make a quicker version by increasing awareness on just e.g. your face, neck and chest muscles.)

Take a nice position, lying down or sitting comfortably. Make sure you are in a most quiet location, that is possible for you right now. Right now you don’t have to do anything.

You can read the following instructions, and afterwards begin the exercise by closing your eyes. Go though the places in your mind focusing awareness on each of your body part starting from your legs and continuing until your head. It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember everything, the practice is still effective and relaxing.

First come aware of your toes. Then focus on your sols, ankles, and calves, one leg at a time. Become aware of your thighs and buttocks as you are lying against the floor.

Shift your awareness to your stomach area. Become aware of your lower back, diaphragm, chest, upper back, spine and shoulder blades.

Then become aware of your shoulders, arms and palms, and fingers one hand at a time.

Become aware of your face muscles, nostrils and chin. Feel you head lying against the floor. Feel your whole weight against the floor, heavily and relaxed.

Just enjoy your moment. Be receptive and tolerant towards whatever happens in you, and whatever sensations you notice in your body. It’s you. Accepting yourself, as you are right now, is the first step for changes.

Open your eyes and come back to this moment, when you are ready. If you don’t have a timer, you can make this exercise longer than 15 minutes. Your meditation can last two minutes or two hours, you decide, and know yourself best, what you need right now.

Have a good sleep tonight!