Our species has evolved in nature. This has a lot of consequences to our biology and heath. Research has found that nature sounds, e.g. bird singing, instantly relaxes our nervous system. Also, according to research, watching distant nature scenery is relaxing. Being able to watch far, e.g. sea, produces good hormones. Imagine, if you could see beautiful views all the time. If you can’t live on a sea, I hope you still have an opportunity to go outdoors every now and then.

In the summer I love walking barefoot at our summer cottage. It supports mindfulness, because as you are walking barefoot, you really need to concentrate on your sensations more than with shoes on. It also tunes your brain chemistry, because we have a lot of neural endings (meridian spots) at our soles. Walking barefoot gives them free massage.

Did you know, that many of us are sensitive to urban sounds. In urban environment, many people might get unconsciously stressed because of noises. If you don’t like noises and you can’t move further from them, I would recommend at least noise cancelling headphones.

I am an enthusiastic fan of fresh water and air. I wouldn’t want to live places that have polluted air or water. In Finland, we have good groundwater. You can also get fresh air from the window. Still in nature air feels even more fresh and is full of natural scents from trees, flowers and herbs. Did you know that according to research those children, who live in farms and get to play on grass and soil, have generally better immunity against allergies? This is because their system learns to cope with plants secretions and microbes and doesn’t treat them as invaders at later age. This is why scientist say that you don’t need to use too heavy cleansers at home, otherwise you’ll get rid of microbes, that would be beneficial. Instead I would recommend natural detergents and not every shower you need to use soap, plain water is enough. it’s good for nature also. My skin looks good though I mainly wash it with warm water (I don’t use foundation cream). I bathe in lakes at summer. My skin would dry, if I would use soap every time, because then you also wash away the natural microbes on the skin that are supposed to protect the skin.

My friend said, that try to catch as many sun rises and sun sets as you can. I would concur to that.

I heard about a man, who healed his depression by walking through Finland. Nature truly has healing power, and it is prerequisite for our life.