Singing can be one way to release muscle tensions from the upper body. Everyone is usually tensed from neck, chest, stomach or back. Singing also helps to deepen breathing, because making long melodies activates the breathing muscles and diaphragm, which is needed in good breathing technique.

Singing increases your body awareness. I started noticing I can effect on my sound by activating my face muscles. (I will write about face muscle methods later to keep you looking young.)

Singing is very emotional. Singing out loud feels like expressing one’s self from the bottom of the soul. It feels very revealing, sometimes I feel fragile, sometimes powerful. It feels like coming out from a shield.

I love the feeling of pushing my voice out from the bottom of my hips to the fullest, without holding back. We have been trained to chain our expression, e.g. to not make funny sounds or behave weird around other people. That actually doesn’t affect only on our gestures and appearance, but also to our feeling of being able to be openly ourselves and express fully. This makes us tense. That’s why singing and shouting out loud on a hill is a good way to relieve pressure from the muscles.

All of us have a beautiful and unique voice, but not everyone uses their voice to the fullest.