I often like to use the word contemplation instead of meditation, because contemplation is closer to natural human tendency to quietly observe and reflect. I also think that different mindfulness and meditation techniques aim for same kind of purposes. It doesn’t matter so much, which technique you use. The main think, though, is that you sit quietly by yourself. If your meditation teacher or app talks too much, you might want to consider changing. Otherwise you are not that much meditating but listening someone speaking. The point of meditation is to focus our awareness inside, since it usually, on a daily life, is focused outside, on things that we do and on people we discus with. This is awesome, but sometimes we might want to focus, what’s going on inside. It has massive benefits. But be patient. My boyfriend knows, that miracles doesn’t necessary happen after 6 months training. Though, you should notice relaxing effect at that time and even after the first time. Later you might get insights that will change your life. (But more about that in later posts.)

Contemplating and meditation is truly natural to human beings. Though, we have become so busy, that we need to balance our over activated brains and nervous system. I think contemplation is the best way to do that. The point is to be without extra stimuli, in as silent space as possible and eyes closed or only looking at one spot. Then one can focus attention inwards, since you don’t need to follow and interpret the stimuli produces by other people and events.

According to studies, regular meditation:

  • Produces feelings of happiness and satisfaction
  • Improves memory and concentration skills
  • Decreases irritation, anxiety and depression
  • Has positive effect on relationships, increases emotional intelligence
  • Decreases symptoms of long term stress, like nervousness, tenseness and restlessness
  • Alleviates the effects of severe diseases, like chronical pain and cancer
  • Strengthens the immune system and gives immunity against flus and other disease
  • Decreases addiction on alcohol and drugs
  • Activates insula in the brain, which significantly effects on the feeling of connectedness an empathy towards other humans and all living things
  • Changes the physical structures of the brain