Do simple face exercises to activate your face muscles. You don’t actually need to do any particular movements. Just start twisting your face muscles, expand cheeks, relax chin, stick out mouth, squeeze lips, grin, relax eyes area and forehead. Use your fingers and push in between your eye brows. Feel your forehead, and especially sense how it feels inside.

You can also try to relax your ears and skin and muscles around them. In our modern, urban, lifestyle, our senses are often stressed. Many of use might shut their ears off, like I did. That means tensed and stiffen muscles and earwax doesn’t come out smoothly.

The crazier looks you dare to create, the better. It feels animal, right? You can really see the emotions on small children’s face, but adults suppress. These kinds of exercises in front of a mirror can help to relieve tensions and make your expression blossom in front of other people. Be brave to be expressive.