Sari Laine

My passion is to teach people to relax, find their core values and purposes in life.

Sari Laine is a PhD student, M.Sc. Economics, work-life oriented mindfulness trainer CMW® and author of a book about stress management and awareness skills. Sari has a background in HR and Human Resource Development positions helping organizations to create optimal personnel development processes.


M.Sc. Economics, Aalto University

Worklife oriented mindfulness trainer CMW® (Certified by Mind at Work)

Blogger/Author at Hidasta Elämää: “Hidasta Elämää” is the biggest Finnish wellness media – site with almost 200 000 weekly readers.

PhD student at Turku University, the doctoral dissertation is about developing leaders’ self-awareness

Author: “Tietoisuustaidot”, Viisas Elämä, 2015. A book (in Finnish) about stress management and awareness skills. A link to book!

Let’s make something together.